Friday, November 4, 2016

7 Days Taiwan Budget

Let me first say, that for 7 days, it's a pretty cheap trip. I tried to keep the budget below RM2k, but because I'm not sure about the food cost, I decided to play it safe and increase it. I also had to hire the taxi guide for an extra day, as an attraction I intended to visit on my own closed for the year.

Here's the break down:

7 Days, 6 Nights in Taiwan

Transportation: RM1149 

KL to Taipei (return) via Malindo Air: RM911
Airport to Taipei Station (return): RM40
Hualien Express Train - Tze-Chiang (return): RM110
Hualien One-Day Bike Rental: RM38
Misc Transport: RM50

Entry Fees/ Activities: RM285
Hualien 2-Day Guide Fee: RM215
National Palace Museum: RM32
Taipei Zoo: RM7.50
Maokong Gondola (return): RM30.50

Accommodation: RM 632
Hualien: RM 400 (4 nights)
Taipei: RM 232 (2 nights)

Food & Miscellaneous: RM392 
(Odd amount as it's adjusted to fit the round up of RM800 cash in-hand)  

*At time of cash conversion, currency rate fluctuates around RM 12.72 = NTD100

Estimated Total Per Person: RM2434

As always, I'm pretty sure there'll be a surplus. How much exactly, I can't tell now. It's always better to have more than less, right? Once I get back, I'll confirm whether the budget worked.

Post-trip post:

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