Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Airbnb Hokkaido

I've never booked a hotel since I discovered Airbnb. That's how awesome Airbnb is - price wise. When it comes to the accommodation itself, you'll just have to read the comments by other guests. But generally, the places are pretty decent. Depending on the country, location, and your budget, there are hidden gems to be found. These are the four I've decided to go with.

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Do note I'll be driving in Hokkaido - I've filtered my search to include free parking on site, and a washer/washing machine (because we all have to wash clothes). 

Hakodate: This is the most expensive stay of the entire trip - RM162 per night per person. There are other cheaper Airbnbs in Hakodate, but this is most central. I'll be able to walk instead of drive, saving on parking and fuel. Also, it looks pretty spacious compared to the others... AND it has a washer. Oh, and despite the Japanese on the Airbnb page, the host speaks English.

Sapporo: Talk about price, this is the cheapest stay of the entire trip - RM99 per night per person. The basic search on Airbnb didn't show this lodging. I can't recall how I stumbled onto it. I just did. And when I did, I bookmarked it immediately. I imagine it to be pretty small as it always is with Japan, but with such a price and ideal location, it's a wonderful find.

Asahikawa: There aren't a lot of options in Asahikawa offering free parking. With the little variety, I settled with this. I do not have any expectations as the comments aren't all praising. However, it is only RM122 per night per person. I can't complain.

Eniwa: Just like Asahikawa, there aren't a lot of options near New Chitose Airport either. As this is my last stop, I didn't want to travel much on the day of my departure. So after discovering only one option, I settled with it. To be honest, it looks pretty awesome - it's a whole house! There's also a BBQ pit, and I intend to do some BBQing during my stay. The cost is RM142 per night per person. Also, the host speaks English. (*I found this listing on Airbnb first, but booked via Homeaway.)

The total cost of lodging is RM1433; averaging RM130 per night. I won't be able to find a comfortable hotel, with a washer, at that price. Comparing with my previous Japan trip, it's the same average cost - not accounting for the weaker ringgit this time around. What did I say? Airbnb is 'lit'. 

As always, I'll return with short reviews on the accommodation. I don't expect them all to be as wonderful as their pictures, but Japan is known to be clean. That's all I ask for. 

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