Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Budgeting Hokkaido - 12D/11N

Japan is pricier this time around. Malaysia didn't do well economically in 2016, and it is not strengthening its ringgit this year either. With the weak currency, I had to set the budget at RM5500. Now if only 100 yen was still RM 3, it would've been a cheaper holiday.

12 Days, 11 Nights in Hokkaido

*Ringgit is estimated based on currency exchange. Refer to yen for budgeting accuracy.
**Also, cost has been divided by 4 pax.

Transportation: RM 2560.69

KL to Hokkaido (return) via AirAsia: RM1240
10 Days Car Rental via Tocoo: RM523.74 (54,000 yen per group)
Tocoo fees: RM116.41 (RM465.67 per group)
10 Days Hokkaido Expressway Pass: RM90.20 (9300 yen per group)
Driving Permit: RM37.50 (RM150 per group)
Misc transport, parking, and petrol: RM552.84 (14,250 yen)

Entry Fees/ Activities: RM 75 (1920 yen)
*Entrance fees and boot rental.

Accommodation: RM 1432.50
Hakodate: RM486.50 (3 nights)
Sapporo: RM296.25 (3 nights)
Asahikawa: RM365 (3 nights)
Eniwa: RM284.75 (2nights)

Food: RM 1400 
(Daily budget of 3000 yen)

*At time of cash conversion, currency rate fluctuates around RM 3.90 = 100 Yen

Estimated Total Per Person: RM 5468.19

To view in-hand cash breakdown, scroll to the end of the itinerary in the itinerary post. What you see above is the breakdown of the complete budget, without going into the minute details. I'm glad I managed to keep it below RM5500. Hopefully, I'll have a surplus. Once I return, I'll let you know if the budget worked in the trip summary. 

*Now, I know I over-budgeted on miscellaneous transport. With little experience in self-driving holidays, I prefer to be safe than sorry. Besides, the extra can be transferred to the food and non-existing shopping budget. Who has a problem with that? 

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