Monday, April 24, 2017

How 'Price Less: A Musical' Changed Me

Let’s be honest, it’s not the musical that changed me - it was the arduous journey. But before I get into ‘how’, I have to admit that I wasn’t in glee to be part of the team. When I agreed to be one of the stage managers, I couldn’t shake off the immediate regret. I was aware that I had to sacrifice my time for a task I found little joy in. You see, I’m not a people person. I’ve not made new friends in years. And being thrust into an environment, where I only knew few of those involved... I actually kept to myself for months. So why - why did I agree to do it if I was going to dread it?

 The only reason I said ‘yes’ was because there was a need - a need I was prompted to fill. I knew God had placed this role on my lap, with reasons I wasn’t privy to. However, He didn’t force me to do it - He only hoped I would. And because I wanted to make Him proud, I grudgingly agreed. True enough, His reasons prevailed.

I joined the team in June, 2016 - wow, it’s been almost a year! And in those 10 months, I’d skipped hours of workout, ruined my diet at times, missed out on much needed sleep - and all for what? A questioning of my life’s priorities. What were they? This, was what I used to claim my priorities to be: God, Family, Dream, Exercise, Friends.

I use the word ‘claim’ because I claimed God was first. And by joining the Price Less team, God called me out on this claim. Yes, I agreed to do it because of God. But I wasn’t happy about it for the first few months - I wasn’t happy because I had to put God before family and my workout sessions. So in truth, God wasn’t on top of the list. Jeng jeng jeng.

When I realised this - no, when He made me realise this - my perspective changed. I decided to stop whining about the death of my muscles (yes, I’m exaggerating), and the hiatus of family days, to actively practice what I preached. And when I did, the journey became meaningful. Not only did I grow in my relationship with God - allowing Him to teach and mold me along the way - I was also open to meeting new people, and to offer my time to others.

Like I said, I’m not a people person. Friends came in last in my priorities. In fact, I rarely agreed to plans - especially dinner plans, because ‘I need to workout’. For me to actually say ‘yes’ to spending time with you, you’d have to be someone I’d consider almost family. Because the reality before Price Less was this: I was comfortable being alone. I didn’t need people to be physically around. I was completely fine in my own bubble. But, the reality after Price Less is different. I didn’t realise how wonderful it is to have a bigger circle of friends - to laugh with, cry with, fret with, and play with. The people I’ve met in this journey burst my self-bubble. And I’m glad it did. Though it took a couple of months, I eventually opened up to the idea of including new people in my life.

 It’s strange to hear me say this, but I look forward to meeting people now. I’m willing to give up my time - make a few sacrifices - for those I call ‘friends’. I’m still a little awkward with those I’ve just met, and I still avoid saying the first ‘hello’ to strangers, but I’ve learned to trust more and share more with those around me. And I wouldn’t be like this, if I said ‘no’ in the first place.

Honestly, I’m relieved that the tiring season is almost over. But I’m also sad - sad I wouldn’t be able to see the people involved, as frequently as before, after the curtain call. Nevertheless, I’m thankful I got to meet all of them. And I’m grateful, so very grateful, that God prompted me to do this. It has truly been... a priceless experience.

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