Thursday, March 15, 2018

Airbnb Scotland & England

"Will you be staying in hotels?" you ask.

"What is a hotel?"

When there are Airbnbs, why bother with hotels? Airbnbs are homes away from home. And though some of them suck--based on past experiences--most of them are decent, with some being the best places I've stayed in. So, no surprise here--all my lodging in the UK are Airbnbs. And if you're looking for places to stay during your upcoming trip to the UK, here are my picks that may be favourable to you too.

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Note: As I'll be driving to Aviemore, I've filtered my search to include free parking on site, and a washer/washing machine from Aviemore onward.

Edinburgh: I chose this place because it was close to Edinburgh Waverley Station. My initial plan was to rent a car from Europcar, located in the train station itself. But after a change of plans--car rental company--it is no longer as ideal as before. The location also makes this Airbnb one of the priciest in Edinburgh. With a strict cancellation policy, I can only hope it's worth the cost.

Aviemore, Cairngorms: Definitely looking forward to this little getaway from the city. Cosy, homey, and cheap, what more can I ask for?

Glasgow: Talk about a fancy bathroom! As an overnight stay, I chose the most affordable and clean-looking space I could find.

Coniston, Lake District: I stumbled upon this place while hunting for a convenient Airbnb in Lake District. It's a little out of the way, but with a car, the location isn't really a problem. Also, I kind of like the seclusion.

London: You probably already know--London is an expensive place to stay in. Being able to find a cheap and well-located Airbnb is a challenge, and I'm glad I managed to find this one. It's right outside the congestion zone, and the host is communicative even before my arrival.   

So, how much do these picks cost? The group total for lodging is RM8261, making it RM2065 per person for 14 nights. This averages to RM148 a night per person. Do note that I had some Airbnb credits that gave each person a RM150 off the entire lodging cost.

The nightly average in the UK is definitely higher than my previous trips. But, I still managed to keep the lodging cost to around 2K. When I get back, I'll be sure to review each of the Airbnb. Hopefully, they are worth the amount I paid.

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