Sunday, April 15, 2018

Budgeting The UK - 15D/14N

How much does it cost to visit the UK? Coming from a 'poorer' nation, I've tried to make this trip as affordable as possible--taking into account the currency exchange and how I can be as budget-friendly without completely sacrificing comfort and convenience. What you'll find below is my best attempt at doing so.


*Ringgit is estimated based on currency exchange. Refer to £ for budgeting accuracy.
**Also, cost has been divided by 4 pax.

Transportation: RM 3806.45

KL to Heathrow (return) via British Airways: RM 2577.40
12 Days Car Rental: £527.22 (pay @ rental location - RM 726* per person)
Train from Kings Cross to Edinburgh: £18.5 (RM 103.05)  
Misc transport, parking, and petrol: RM 400

Entry Fees/ Activities: RM 540 
Edinburgh Castle: £17 (RM 95*)
Highland Wildlife Park: £15.90 (RM 87*)
Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio: £41 (RM 229.41)
Tower of London: £22.70 (RM 127.50)

Accommodation: RM 2065.33
Edinburgh: RM 428.98 (3 nights)
Aviemore: RM 370.20 (3 nights)
Glasgow: RM 95 (1 night)
Coniston: RM 475.18 (3 nights)
London: RM 695.97 (4 nights)

Food: RM 2000
(Daily budget of £24)

*At time of cash conversion, currency rate fluctuates around RM 5.50 = £1

Estimated Total Per Person: RM 8412

To view in-hand cash breakdown, scroll to the end of the itinerary in the itinerary post. What you see above is the breakdown of the complete budget, without going into the minute details. Also, as a group, we rounded off our in-hand cash conversion--the number you see above excludes that.

Personally, I've converted some cash for my own expenditure--I intend to buy all the Harry Potter things I can find. I might just dedicate a post to all-things Harry Potter. But of course, I'll be sure to address the more important question once I return--whether this budget worked--in the trip summary.

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