Sunday, October 27, 2013


I’m backlogging. Starting this new trilogy novelette has caused me to put two of my completed works on hold; my 2nd novel and my novella.

Both books are being illustrated, but I’m too busy right now to edit them. I’ve run through them a few times, but I know its not enough. So hopefully after I finish writing the trilogy, I would have time for them.

My goal is to get everything out by next year, at least my 2nd novel and novella. The trilogy can space out between next year and the year after that. I also have another novelette that I wrote for a competition. If I do not win, I would be self-publishing that one too (hopefully I win, then I don’t have to). So right now, I have a total of 6 works that needs to be released in the next two years.

Honestly, I hate not being able to release everything. Having them sit by my side yearning for attention makes me wish I had more brainpower and time. I wish my eyes could spot more errors with ease and I wish I had an editor to help. Editors are so expensive these days! (If you know anyone, please refer him or her to me. Thanks.)

I think I just need to plan the timing of each release and work according to priority. Now the bigger question remains, which book deserves top priority? All I know is writing new works (novels, novellas, and novelettes) will be at the bottom for a while.

Well, don’t mind me now. I'm just going to desperately pray, “Dear God, please give me an editor!!!” 

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