Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beautiful Times

“This fight of my life is so hard, but I’m gonna survive. Oh, oh, these are beautiful times.” – Beautiful Times, Owl City 
The most beautiful times in life are the experiences of fighting and surviving. Why? Because when you look back one day and see how far you have come, you would have to admit that the hardest time in your life brought you here.

No it wasn’t the first film you starred in, but the first audition you failed to get.

No it wasn’t the day you received your doctorate, but the exam you had to retake.

No it wasn’t the time you closed your biggest business deal, but the day you got fired.

No it wasn’t the moment you became an international bestselling author, but the times you lost writing competitions.

These are beautiful times.

The moments that made you stronger, the moments that threatened your passion, the moments that could have broken you but did not. These moments are beautiful.

Yes, at a first glance it is not pretty. The grotesques sight of failure will be the first thing we see, but if we peel through the layers we will find the beauty of fresh determination and hope.

I write this today because this week is the week most of the contests I’ve joined reveals their shortlists. And guess what? I did not make the cut for all of them. Still, I’m going to survive.

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