Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He Loves Me

If you were expecting a 'He loves me not' after the title, you might be disappointed. No, this is not a post about plucking petals from a flower but a post about how awesome He has been to me.

As you probably know from my previous post, I did not place in any of the writing competitions I joined recently. It's sad... yes, but a sadness that lasts only for a minute. Why? Because I know God is faithful.

Even though I might not be a published author yet, God is not stingy with me. He has blessed me once again with a new freelance contract; a monthly writing gig, that adds a significant amount to my current monthly income. Those who know me personally know that I already earn more than the average person with 1 year working experience, and with this new contract I'm earning more. 

Not that anyone would complain about earning more, but I never expected that within a year I could be earning this much as a writer with a day job and a freelance job. I've read of how a lot of people are struggling to get a job these days and I find myself in a comfortable position with nothing to lack. On top of that, my jobs aren't hard for me either. So I really, really, really have to thank God for that.

I still have dreams to achieve and it might take years for me to achieve them, but I know that God will not hold back His blessings before it happens. He is not stingy and He always does more than what my heart secretly desires. He blesses me when He thinks He should, and it pleases Him to do so. 

After all, He loves me... unconditionally.

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