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My parents were travelers when they were young. And when I came around, they decided to bring me along their adventures. At the wee age of two, I've seen and been to many countries. But unfortunately, I can't remember any of them. Now older, with an earning power, I want to see the world again... and remember it.

Below is the list of places I've visited in the past years (of which I planned for my family). I've also been to Bali, Indonesia and Guilin, China. However, my mum was the trip planner for those two. Hence I didn't document anything. Having taken on my mother's former role, you'll find all you need to know about my recent trips below. And... I hope they'll be helpful for your own travels too.

*My older travelogs aren't the best written and organised. Forgive me. They'll get better the more I travel.

South Korea
Jeju Island - Seoul 

(September, 2014)
My Shopping List

Post-trip Posts:
Street Food Review

Tokyo - Kyoto - Nagoya - Osaka

(September, 2015)

Hobart - Scamander - Cradle Mountain - Launceston

(April, 2016)

Hualien - Taipei

(November, 2016)

Post-trip Posts:

Hakodate - Sapporo - Asahikawa - Biei/Furano
(May, 2017)
Hokkaido It Is - Trip Itinerary

Post-trip Posts:  

Hokkaido Trip Summary

United Kingdom
Scotland - England