Monday, October 15, 2012

And then there was jealousy...

... envy, and wonder.

Recently, I've noticed this particular blogger, who 'liked' most of the posts of others blog which I would comment on. 

Curious on who he was, I visited his blog. And lo and behold, he has over 17,000 subscribers! He has also self published quite a number of his books. 

I have to admit, I was... jealous and envious. I believe he's even the same age as I am, and he seems to be pretty successful already. Seeing him, with that many facebook likes and fans, I couldn't help but compare. 

There is him, and then there's me, who self published one book, and is barely getting anywhere as a writer to date. 

If you were me, I bet you would feel the same way. And you would start to wonder, why am I not like him?  

But then I recalled something that was once mentioned by Ps. Neli Atiga. He mentioned that we were born in this time for a reason. And in God's own timing, we will experience the plans He has for us in our lives.

So... maybe I'm not meant to be anybody now. But I'm sure God has the right time to help me achieve my dreams. After all, He did say I was to write for him, and I don't think He would go back on his words. 

Whoever I become, whether big or small, God's plans are always perfect. 

Though I may be small now, but God is still faithful.

And just recently, God gave me the chance to feel how it was like to have people eager to read my stories. Those one or two people who I do not know, constantly came back to my blog and made time every week to read and leave comments. To me, that was enough. The faithful few supporters beats any number. 

He made me see that number of fans and subscribers are not as important as the few who were giving their time and support to someone they do not even know personally. That makes me want to write even more, because, at the end of the day, I write for my readers more than I will ever write for myself.

Honestly, I do not know if I will ever be big one day, I don't even know what my life will be next year, after I graduate, but I know that all I want to do in life is write. God knows that, and I hope to be on the same page as Him. 

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