Sunday, October 14, 2012

Somehow, to most people I know...

.... seeing me in a dress is like seeing snow for the first time.

The response I get every time will be, "You're wearing a dress!"

Well, it is true that I don't wear dresses often, and only dress up for dinners and events, but them saying that makes me feel even..... shy-er?

Come on, I do wear dresses, just not frequently. I is shy when you point it out *blushes*

Because of those reactions, I do not dare to wear dresses on normal days, even to school or to church. I'm afraid that people will keep pointing it out and I would have no place to hide my face. LOL!

Anyways, the picture is me in a dress. Duh. I actually had a slytherin scarf with me, but I only took it out when it got cold in the hall. Oh, and the necklace that I wore was the Mockingjay necklace. Sighs, I'm such a geek.

I actually came back from that fund raising dinner an hour ago but I barely took any pictures.  This one was taken from my mom's phone, and it was just supposed to be the two of us, but my dad decided to photo-bomb the picture anyways.

That is also a new haircut btw :) For once, I actually like it.

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