Monday, October 1, 2012

They are back...

... the TV series that I follow.

Here's the list:
- Once Upon a Time
- Grimm
- Vampire Diaries
- 90210
- Family Guy
- Downton Abbey
- Glee
- The Walking Dead
- Pretty Little Liars (Aired during Summer)
- Game of Thrones (Aired during Summer)

New ones I'm following:
- Revolution (Pretty o.k. Not really something I look forward to every week.)
- 666 Park Avenue (Just watched this one today and it seems pretty interesting.)

That's a lot. But not a lot when compared to my friend who has a total of 24 on his list. I wish him the best of luck in watching ALL of them in a week.

Personally, I never go above 10, and since two in my list are Summer series', I've reached my maximum number of TV series a week.

90210, Vamp Diaries and the Walking Dead are still on break, but I'm pretty sure they will be out soon.

I hope it doesn't become too stressful trying to remember to download them all.

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