Friday, September 27, 2013

When To Start A New One?

I have written a lot this year. Let's see if I can recap.

I wrote my 2nd novel, a novella for a writing competition, another novella for a book award, a picture storybook, and a lot of short stories and fan fictions on my writer's blog. For a year, I think I've written too much! 

So with that in mind, it is only normal for me to ask myself when to start a new writing project?

I was planning to write a novella or two next year, but I was recently approached by a talented artist who wanted to do a fun project. He told me his brief idea and asked if I was interested in being project partners. Even though it wasn't easy (as the idea was already generated) but the thought of just writing a new story seemed fun. Plus, the guy is freaking talented.

Hence, I said yes and I'm 3 chapters in. We have planned it to be 3 novelettes with 12 chapters each. That's a total 36 chapters. So 3 chapters in is not bad. I'll probably finish writing all 36 by the end of he year, since I have a habit of writing a chapter a day whenever I start a new project. 

Once the writing is done, I think it would take a while before the trilogy would be released. But, I think we can make it by next year. 

So, when you ask yourself when to start a new project, just listen to your heart. It has the answer. 

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