Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Organizing My Writing Plans

I’m only writing this to organize my thoughts. It’s not really interesting to read, unless you want to know my writing plans for this year.

So here it goes, my 2014 writing plans:

#1 Publish Raindrops novella in March
#2 Publish The Battle For Oz: Book 1 novelette in June/July
#3 Release The Battle For Oz: Book 2 to beta readers in August
#4 Run edits for The Slave Prince novel from May to October
#5 Write Bonfire, either a novella or a novelette, in August
#6 If all goes well, publish The Slave Prince in December

I wrote The Slave Prince in January 2013 and I’m really hoping to get it out. The only problem I have is having other works to look at and edit, and I tend to pay attention to the shorter works first. 

Let me just say that self-publishing is not easy. I thank God for giving me designer friends who would freely design covers for me, and beta readers who give good feedback and spot errors, but everything else I have to do myself. Copy editing and proofreading is the worst! And lets not forget marketing... though I rarely do that. Haha!

So wish me all the best! I need it.

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