Monday, February 17, 2014

Reason For Science Fiction

I normally do not review books and I’m not going to in this post, but what I’m going to write about has to do with a book and why I love it.

That very book… is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

I first picked up the book after watching the film because I was curious to know more about Ender himself. And let me just say, I have no regrets. Ender’s story was better in the books with more internal conflicts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After finishing the book, I went on a hunt for the other books in the Ender Saga just to read more of him (he’s now my new fictional crush).

That being said, I did not pick up Earth Unaware (a spin off in the same universe) because of Ender… I picked up Earth Unaware because of the author.

You see, the moment I started reading Ender’s Game, something stuck on me. What seemed like glue was actually the fluidity of words that told Ender’s story. Orson Card has this seamless style of writing that connects word to word like water particles invisible to the eye. His sentences are so smooth, it reads like a shiny glaze on top of a cake. The moment you read the first line, you find yourself gliding down a slippery slope, flipping one page after another effortlessly. His style is amazing, and I know others think highly of it too, as he has won awards to prove his impressive skill and talent.

Honestly, I have never bragged about an author's style in my years as a reader… maybe because none before has impressed me this way. But I brag where bragging is needed, and I wish I could write as seamlessly as him.

Orson Scott Card is the only reason I’m reading sci-fi, a genre I am generally not fond off, and I find it hard to believe that I’m actually enjoying it. Hats off to Orson Card for his undeniable talent and ability to change my taste for sci-fi novels.

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