Friday, February 14, 2014

What I Look For In A Valentine

I'm at that age where I'm old enough to enter courtship and young enough to stay single for a few more years. 

This year, I decided to stay single and pursue God. I've been in relationships before and I learned that without God in the centre of my relationships, they crumble. So before I jump into a relationship with a guy, I want to have a tight relationship with God.

That being said, what kind of men do I look for? (Since it's Valentines.)

#1 He must love God more than he loves me. Enough said.

#2 He must have dreams and goals in life. A man that does not settle for mediocrity but strives to be better as a person and in his career. 

#3 He must be older but not more than 5 years.  

#4 He must be honest, faithful, and the head our family. 

#5 Bonus: A gamer. Because if we don't have an activity we enjoy doing together, we can game!

I didn't set his physicality because.. well, obviously he has to be taller than me and has an active lifestyle.

All these criteria I set knowing I'm doing the same. I'm learning to love God more, I have dreams and goals in life, I'm bettering myself as a person to be more honest and faithful, and I am getting into a healthy and active lifestyle. I won't ask something out of someone if I cannot achieve it myself. 

Getting into a relationship is not a game for me, and when I find a man, I intend to marry him. Call me old school, but that keeps me from flings and unwanted heartbreaks. 

So yea, now that this is out in the open, the next time I meet someone and attempt to compromise my stated points, I would remember that it's out in public and I should not go back on my written words.

Happy Valentines day everyone! Have a lovely day :)

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