Monday, November 19, 2012

A Little Bit About Monsters

Monsters have a weird way of living. They are very much like you and me, nice, friendly and sweet, until they reach a point where they evolve. 

During this evolving stage, which happens once in their life, they have radical mood swings. One moment, they are as sweet as puppy dogs, and the next, their terabyte of a memory starts vomiting all the things they hate about you.

Monsters should be carefully dealt with in this period. Saying one wrong thing can lead to a destruction of a long streak of peaceful silence you thought you had. 

They also have the tendency to turn their mistakes into your mistakes, making you the monster instead. On top of that, monsters also love comparing you with other humans, whom they think are like you but worst. They often point out that you might end up like them, all screwed up and slimy. 

You try to be nice to the monsters, you feed them, play with them and for the sake of not being chased out by them, you put up with them. Unfortunately, monsters have selective memory and only recalls the time you mess up and fail in your attempt to please them. 

Tell you what, if they want you gone, you best be gone. Nothing good comes with battling and pleasing a monster at the same time. After all, they can always creep from under your bed and strangle you in the night. (I'm just joking... no really. But just be careful.)

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