Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ticking off my plans!

I wrote a post in August on my plans, so here I am, checking off what I've done!

I plan:

1) to send my self published book to publishing houses after I graduate. (If you know contacts of publishing houses, do leave it in the comments below.)

CHECK ☑ I already sent in The Dreamer to two publishing houses. I'm still waiting for a reply :)

2) to do a video when I hit 900 subs on my official writers blog.

UNCHECKED ☐ I didn't have time to do it. Maybe when I hit 1k subs? Or when something awesome happens :)

3) to go on vacation after I grad and write my second book.

UNCHECKED ☐ I still have 2 more days of uni left!

4) to make enough money and have a website next year.

UNCHECKED ☐ I'm making some money but my priority now is a new laptop. So a website might have to wait for a while.

5) to make my final film project for my degree a good one, so people can use it to spread awareness.

CHECK ☑ It will be up on youtube soon. Along with my new mini series called 'The Lucrative Business' on my official writers blog.

6) to increase my client base in ghostwriting.

UNCHECKED ☐ I still only have 2 clients.

7) to graduate on top of the class. (I know this may sound nerdy but it would be an accomplishment for me.)

UNCHECKED ☐ I don't know yet. Refer to number 3.

8) to tick each of this off once they are done, so that I will do what I have planned to do.

CHECK and UNCHECKED. Not everything has been ticked off... yet.

Also, how do you increase the number of fans on your fan page? I wonder...

I have no idea, Jeyna. Maybe get published?

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