Friday, November 16, 2012

Banned Shows...

... I had a few when I was a kid.

When I was around 10, my mom banned me from watching Dark Angel and Charmed. But, my dad never stopped me when I sat beside him and watched them on TV. It was a good thing that my mom always went to bed early, but it was a bad thing that those shows were only on TV past 10 p.m.

The fact that I was unable to watch all the episodes made me love these series' even more! I actually ended up playing as a Charmed One with my friends in primary school. We would walk around fighting demons and befriending them. Everyone involved were either a demon, my sisters (Phoebe and Prue; Paige never existed then) or a white lighter. Till today, those who played along with me still remember what we used to do during recess. Oh, how I miss those days!

And...rrm.. I might even have a book of shadows. An incomplete one cause my mom told me to destroy it while I was still copying the contents from a friend's book. (This shows how important it is for parents to educate instead of banning something. Back then, I didn't understand why it was not good.)

Besides Charmed, I was also in love with Dark Angel. The whole idea of genetically enhanced children with  neat bar codes on the back of their necks, just made me want to be one of them! I would imagine to be one of those kids, and some people around me which I thought cool, were also 'special'. This only happened in my head and my own world of make belief, because I didn't have friends who watched this series as well.

Now you're probably wondering, why were these banned? Charmed had witchcraft and Dark Angel had bar codes. Does bar codes and the devil's mark ring a bell?

I grew up in a Christian family and it's pretty normal for parents to be protective. My mom did ban me from Harry Potter as well, but I never cared, cause even though I wasn't allowed to buy the books, I still read them and loved them.

I understand where my mom was coming from though. But when I was a child, my imagination was the most important thing to me (Still is actually), and without being explained to on why it was banned, it didn't stop me. 

I know that many Christian families these days still ban Harry Potter and a bunch of other fantasy and science fiction shows, but personally, I think that banning won't help much. Once your child grows older, they'll just find other means to watch or read those you banned. I think that instead of banning something, explain why you do not think it is good, or, embark on the show and book together with your child. That way, if something does not seem right, there's always room to help your child understand.

Today, even though those shows were banned, I have managed to watch every episode. Yes, I know witchcraft is wrong, and no, dark angel has nothing to do with the devil's mark, but those two shows did not change my beliefs and faith at all. 

It's a good thing I knew how to differentiate reality and fiction, or not I would be one of those kids who actually think they can cast a spell on a friend with a spell from Harry Potter (Something like that actually came out in the newspapers.)

Personally, I would rather embark on a show/ book with my children rather than just saying 'No, because I say so.' There isn't much point in that because children are getting smarter. And why would I want to box up my children's imagination when I can be there to share it with them?

I'm no parenting expert, but I'm writing from my own childhood experiences. If only my parents would play along with me, I would have so much more fun (and protection at the same time).

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