Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Story of the Day

Let me tell you a story....

I'm a freelance ghostwriter, earning a little extra here and there. In this course of work, I know the rates and I also know I am being paid the minimum (for my country's rate). Everyone says so, I know so, full stop.

So when one of my clients asked for an 800 word article for 12 bucks, that's really underpaid. I kindly replied and refused the job (in which I had to let my mom read my email first, to make sure I didn't sound cocky or anything of that sort).

Later, I got a reply where my client called me 'not flexible' to her rates, AND 'choosy'.

Well, I'm a freelancer, I can be choosy, and there's a difference between 'not flexible' and being taken forgranted.

I would have replied that, but my mom gave me a better reply. She said, "Tell her that you are thankful for her advice and you will take it to heart."

I did as she said, because I didn't want to offend the client, even though I know my rights. Er, hello, I'm freelancing, I have every right to turn down a job for whatever reason. And the full time career I want is being an author, not a ghostwriter.

After that, I got a reply. She asked me to write the article in 500 words for my usual rate. Wow, what do you have of that?

I'm not going to talk bad about my client, so you be the judge. But honestly, I have no idea why she's so upset when I turned her down. If she wants a long term relationship (as she mentioned), then she should just accept that I don't want to do that job, and leave it as it is instead of calling me choosy or not flexible.

This is business, I'm not her permanent employee, and as my mom said, both parties have a say. Just like how she doesn't give me a writing job every month, I don't have to do every single one of the jobs she gives me.

But you know what, I'll let it slide.

The lesson I learnt was to be nice, no matter what people say. I mean, whats the point of offending people. I'm young and you never know how word might get around. It is always best to stay quiet and keep your reputation clean instead of saying something wrong and tarnishing it.

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