Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Song of Ice and Fire

The first time I heard about this series was before the TV series came out. I was actually looking for a book with a medieval fantasy setting, just to see how authors write, because I was planning on a book that was set in that universe. Posting a question on Facebook led to a reply from a friend who suggested the series.

I actually googled it and gotten an e-book copy of A Game of Thrones. The 90's cover was not at all impressive but I attempted the book anyways. (I admit, i'm a judge-a-book-by-its-cover kind of a reader.)

Honestly, the introduction was really hard to get through. I decided to drop the book all together when the start was not very interesting. Then, the TV series came out and I had no idea it was based on that book series. I completely forgotten the title... that's why I saw no connection. 

After watching the first season, I decided to try again. The introduction failed me once more. Long and unfriendly names with heavily stringed sentences were not helping. Note, I have never read an adult novel until this one. Young adult novels were easy and light, hence, I was very used to that. 

So, unable to get through it again, I decided to not try. 

But a couple of months after season 2 ended, I wanted to give the book another shot. I really wanted to know what happened and why zombies were showing up! So, after getting another e-book copy, I skipped the intro and went straight to the next. I was not going to let it ruin the book for me again. (That sounds stupid, but it is true.)

I rushed through book 1, because it felt like a replay of the series. But towards the middle of book 2, I realized how small things were changed in the series, which made it more interesting.

I'm currently on book 3, and we all know that after A Game of Thrones, the series never really followed the books. It was rather close but not very. I prefer the books over the TV series of course, as characters and plots had much more depth, but I have to thank the TV series for making me want to read the books.

I actually bought all 5 of the books and I'm determined to finish them all (since I have already paid around RM35 for each of them. That's about RM175, excluding the discounts I got which actually saved me close to 50% of the entire cost). 

Where am I getting at? 

I just want to say its a good series, with well sewn plots and well built characters. You should pick it up if you want to dive into this 'magical' world of war, love, deception and magic.

It has adult content (duh), with minimal profanities but quite a number of obscenity. So, you best be ready. 

But, hey, that aside, it is one good twisting tale!

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